Celebrating 20 Years -- Inspiring Communities, Transforming Lives

This year, 2020, Darrell celebrates 20 years of encouraging, educating and empowering people and communities through speaking, coaching and mentoring.  As early as 7 years old, Darrell was tapped to teach classes at his church for Sunday Bible school.  He officially began his public speaking career at 14 years old, when he was asked to give the commencement address at a local middle school.

Since 2000, he has spoken in over a dozen countries on three continents to audiences far and wide on a variety of topics.  His presentations are unlike anything you've ever heard before!

For Conferences

Darrell has spoken at numerous conferences from coast-to-coast, including the Gates Millennium Scholars Conference in California and the International Baccalaureate Global Summit in Canada.  His message centers around unlocking the greatness within you, living with purpose and overcoming adversity to break into your next dimension!   

For Churches

Darrell's powerful message of resilience and redemption has resonated in churches and faith communities around the nation.  The richness of his testimony as well as the depth of his wisdom brings the gift of God and gospel of Grace to life. 

For Colleges

Darrell has keynoted and presented seminars at universities across America, including Columbia Law School, the City University of New York, and Morehouse College.  He coaches students on how to find what makes them different and leverage it to discover purpose, develop enterprises and empower communities.

For Companies

Darrell does high impact professional development training for company management on precisely what he achieved in his own life: how to re-brand, re-position and re-focus in adverse circumstances.  He offers insight on innovative ways to inspire, encourage and empower teams to achieve massive success.