For Colleges

Darrell has done keynotes and seminars at universities across America, including private schools, i.e., Columbia Law School, public institutions, i.e., the City University of New York, and HBCUs, i.e., Norfolk State University.  He brings his wealth of wisdom and experience as a professor to reach students right where they are.  



Inspiration -- Come. Back. Swinging.

Darrell has a powerful personal testimony of overcoming obstacles and pushing past the past to hope again and achieve greatly -- against all odds. His story is unlike anything you have ever heard before. 

Empowerment -- The Path to Purpose & Calling

To live with calling and purpose is where our true power lies. Darrell shares lessons on how use your gifts and skills to make an indelible mark on the world, discover what makes you unique and align your natural competencies with your passions.

Transformation -- Good to GREAT by Leveraging Adversity

Good to GREAT often starts with the ability to navigate crisis. Darrell shares from personal experience how to navigate conflict, leverage adversity, and capitalize on perceived disadvantages.