Darrell Bennett is an inspirational speaker and transformation coach.  He is a former attorney and a graduate of Harvard Law School and Morehouse College, where he was valedictorian. 

Darrell has been sharing his story in front of audiences since he wrote his first book at 18 years old.  He has spoken in Beijing, Jerusalem and Berlin and has been featured on NPR, the New Yorker Magazine and CNN.

Today, Darrell lives in New York City and does seminars at companies, churches, colleges and associations.  He is also the managing partner of The BSG Group. 

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Come. Back. Swinging.


This is my most personal, emotionally raw book yet.  It's the story of my childhood, my struggles and my transformation.  It's a reminder that you can come back from anything!

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Daring to Be Different


This is my first book, which I wrote as a freshman at Morehouse College.  It's short snippets on tips for life, how to discover what makes you different -- and how to seize it! 

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Power to Think, Will to Act


I wrote this two years after I graduated from Harvard Law School.  It's a raw account of the struggle to find my identity and forge into discovering my purpose.  

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Leadership as Self-Discovery


This guide is the result of years of me working with clients, creating assessments and delivering high-impact workshops for colleges, companies and organizations.    

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Law School Admissions Strategy Manual


A step-by-step through navigating the complexities of the law school admissions process, from taking the LSATs to writing the personal statement to interviewing.  

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College Admissions Strategy Manual


 A dynamic manual on how to: get accepted into the nation's most selective schools in this challenging market, market your strengths and obtain scholarships/grants.

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