Whether the crisis happened to you or because of you, the story doesn't have to end there.  You can reposition, rebuild and come out better.  You can beat the odds.  Transformation is real.  Rising above it is possible.  I've lived it and I'm here to encourage you: Get Back Up & Get Your Fight Back! 

Come. Back. Swinging.


Get Back Up & Get Your Fight Back!!

Darrell Bennett helps individuals and companies reposition, rebuild, navigate crisis and succeed in challenging circumstances.  He has given presentations in Beijing, Jerusalem and Berlin and has been featured on NPR, CBS Evening News and CNN.  

Darrell graduated from Harvard Law School as class marshal and Morehouse College as valedictorian and is a former attorney.  His newest book, Come. Back. Swinging., is based on his own personal story of resilience and redemption: dealing with crises as a child because of unfortunate circumstances and as a young adult because of poor decisions, losing everything, hitting rock bottom, and coming out on the other side transformed and transfigured. 

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Come. Back. Swinging.

I wrote this to encourage you.  You don't have to remain a prisoner of your past.  You may never get over it, but trust me you can get through it -- and grow through it.  You have it within you to reposition, rebuild and resurge.  This is your moment to push past your history and run into your destiny!  


Daring to Be Different

This was my first book, which I wrote 18.  Ironically, it's more timely now because of our social media obsessed world where everyone wants to fit in.  My message is the opposite: Be DIFFERENT because that's where your DESTINY lies!!  I'll show you to how to use your uniqueness to succeed personally and professionally.

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