Darrell is a master communicator and a graduate of Harvard Law School and Morehouse College, where he was valedictorian.  He is the author of six books, has spoken in Beijing, Jerusalem and Berlin and has been featured on NPR, Great Black Speakers Association, the New Yorker Magazine and CNN.  


 Darrell is also a managing partner of The B-Squared Global Group, which was founded by a motivated group of Harvard alumni, dedicated to coaching and mentoring millennials and Gen Zers, who are young professionals and budding entrepreneurs.       


Come. Back. Swinging.

A Story of Resilience Against All Odds

Come. Back. Swinging. is Darrell's most powerful, transparent work yet.  Released in 2019, this riveting memoir chronicles his life, childhood, struggles, fall, transformation and comeback.  It is a no-holds-bar, coming-of-age story written for mature audiences -- a reminder that you can overcome against all odds!